Founded in 2019 by M. J. Strain, Dankstop's Adopt-a-Bong program is the first of it's kind to provide rehabilitation and repair services to lost or neglected bongs. We care for each and every bong that comes into our sanctuary! We believe that every bong deserves a long life in a happy home. We take in any bong, no matter the condition it is in and give it all the love and THC it can take. Our warehouse is full of many abandoned and dusty bongs just looking for a chance at life.

Dankstop's Adopt-a-Bong Program's mission is to "provide a safe environment and premium care for disadvantaged and broken water pipes." We are a privately funded 420(g)(0) not-for-profit.


Helping vulnerable water pipes and keeping bongs in dope, kushy homes requires a commitment from all of us. When we work together under a common cause, we’re both saving bongs and elevating our society. By donating $14 a month (that's only 50 cents a day!), you can help your local bongs.