Sonic Vaporizer has had the same goal since they formed back in 2012; creating the best vaporizers possible. The healthier vaping movement is something Sonic believes in greatly and it shows in how they strive for the cleanest product conceivable. Cleanliness and reliability are what Sonic puts first. Using state-of-the-art, advanced heating technology, the flavor of the dry herbs you put into the piece will be exquisite and as full as possible. With precise temperature control, you can raise the temperature for thicker vapor or turn it down for a more mellow vaping session. The Sonic reaches all temperatures quickly so there is never a prolonged waiting period. In addition, the portable design makes this dry herb vaporizer very convenient. The Sonic is easy to use as well and does not require butane or battery adjustments. Also for consumer’s satisfaction, they offer a 1 year warranty with every Sonic. The Sonic dry herb vaporizer is advanced and portable yet is functional for all users.