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Myster is a vaporizer and smoking accessory company based out of Washington D.C. Myster got its start with a successful IndieGoGo campaign for what became its most popular product, the innovative “Stashtray”. From there, Myster expanded to producing both high quality concentrate vaporizers and dry herb vaporizers, including the Fogpen and the Shotgun. All of Myster’s smoking accessories, vaporizers, and vape pens are made from the highest grade materials and contain superb functionality.

It's no secret that Myster specializes in producing vaporizers. However, their products may be a mystery to you. To give you a glimpse at how amazing their products can be, let's take a look at the characteristics of one of their vapes: The Shotgun Dry Herb and Concentrate Vaporizer. First and foremost, this is a dual-use vaporizer that allows you to utilize either dry herbs or concentrate. Regarding the concentrate capability, the flavor is as good as it gets. The optimal flavor is achieved via the ceramic convection chamber. Since ceramic heats up more slowly, it preserves as much of the flavor as possible. The Shotgun Vaporizer also has adjustable temperature settings. You can adjust the temperature between 200°F and 580°F. You can use the LED screen as a way to monitor the temperature at which you are vaping. Myster also equips this vape with a ton of accessories.

Myster has another widely popular product, called The Stashtray. The Stashtray is meant to organize and store your dry herbs and concentrates. However, it also comes with some tools. All of the gadgets included with the product are stored in a rectangular tray. The first gadget is a stainless steel jar for storage. The second is a stainless steel debowler. The third is a four-piece grinder. 

Myster is a company that should be considered by all those who engage in vaping concentrates or dry herbs. Check out our collection of their products, and you'll be sure to find something.