Bongs Under $100

Shopping on a budget but still want high quality glass? These water pipes, dab rigs, glass pipes, bubblers, and pendant rigs are all under $100. Don't be scared off by the low price; these pipes are made from high grade materials and feature some of the most reputable brands in the industry.

Most brands know that to be successful, you must please all the ranges of customers. This also includes budget levels between people. Not everyone has the luxury of spending hundreds of dollars on one of a kind pieces that sit on your shelf. Most smokers want a reliable and effective pipe that does not break the bank. They want bongs under $100 that toke like a thousand dollar one. Now these top glass companies are finding ways to create bongs that attract all levels of customers not just because of their beauty and functionality but the fact that they are bongs under $100.

Bongs under $100 were not always easy to find. The ones that would pop up on your searches would be flimsy or oddly shaped. Even if you are looking at bongs under $100, you expect them to be functional. Now you can find inexpensive glass that are fully functional and catch your eye. It used to be hard to get a bong that was cheap and not completely useless.

This new wave of affordable water pipes come in multiple designs and styles from some of the best name brands in the glass world. You can find a themed glass hand pipe of your favorite cartoon character or a portable yet fully functional bubbler with intricate coloring. On you can even find both and still not spend $100!

Most people believe certain smoking and vaporizing options are going to be expensive. The truth is while some of these higher echelon options are definitely worth it, you can find an inexpensive bong that fits your needs perfectly. Want a water pipe that has plenty of percs but cannot afford one of the popular name brand ones? Try a color customize-able bong like the "Basics" 8" Full Color Beaker Bong from Nucleus. With consistent icy cool production thanks to a donut style ice catcher and easy to use format, the Nucleus "Basics" 8" Full Color Beaker Bong can more than get the job done. Also it is way below the market price of most thick glass bongs. The fact that it comes with a removable downstem and other much needed assets is a bonus.

Products like the Nucleus "Basics" line and Triple to Single UFO Perc Beaker Bong have plenty of filtration and room left over to add anything else you might need for a successful smoking experience.

Although your budget might be limited, your choices do not have to be. With the combination of color choices, designs, percs, and further assets the bongs under $100 section has something for everyone. Some bongs on this list match the price points of some hand pipes! Easy to use and easy to clean bongs such as the Mini Tornado Cyclone Water Pipe can be found here. A bong like the Mini Tornado Cyclone Water Pipe has some extremely creative features while still being under the hundred dollar budget, including clear glass and swirls your smoke and water. Like most of the water pipes in the bongs under $100, this Mini Tornado Cyclone Water Pipe has its own unique look and functionality.

Within the bongs under $100 section, you can find bongs like this that have interesting shapes and functions. Some people however scavenge this sections simply looking for a water pipe to be their daily driver, getting them from point A to B without any trouble or confusing turns. Bongs like the Clear Glass Buoy Base Beaker Bong from us at DankStop are extremely cheap price wise while maintaining functionality.

A bong like the Clear Glass Buoy Base Beaker Bong is not flashy. It is entirely made of clear glass and only has a fixed downstem. That being said, the Clear Glass Buoy Base Beaker Bong can produce consistently diffused smoke for a price you will not find readily available. It comes with a rubber grommet slide for your herbs, making the bong easy to clean and the bowl simple to remove. 

Simple, convenient bongs like the Clear Glass Buoy Base Beaker Bong from DankStop can be found throughout the bongs under $100 section. Also included in this category are super creative water pipes with themes and extravagant coloring like the Black Dragon Bong. The amount of artwork in the head of the pipe makes it look like a heady glass piece but it is still under $100! The worked glass piece has strong, solid coloring with a white base and black neck and mouthpiece. 

The bongs under $100 section has something for everyone while saving the most amount of money as possible.

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