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One of the world's oldest companies, Bambu originated in 1764. Their first product? Bible Paper coincidentally. After seeing how cigarettes were becoming more and more common, Bambu decided to start making rolling papers. While Bambu rolling papers started in Spain, it quickly gained popularity throughout other parts of Europe as the finest rolling papers money could buy. What kept Bambu growing was their natural approach and drive. Constantly staying ahead of the competition, Bambu has used a natural gum from African Acacia trees, which is completely chemical free. This natural composition allows the smoker to enjoy the tobacco to its fullest.

After appearing in American movies, television and an overall grander advertising scheme during the 1900's, Bambu was now a part of the United States smoking culture. With all their rich history and commitment to quality, Bambu can still be found easily and will always be known as a top rolling paper brand.