Grav Labs

Grav Labs, founded in 2004, has been an industry leader in the design, innovation, and development of high quality, functional glass pipes and accessories ever since. Grav is easily one of the most respected names in the glass industry, and their products are a clear indication as to why. DankStop is proud to be an authorized retailer with our large selection of Grav products, including their bubblers, dab rigs, hand pipes, recyclers, and more. Based in Austin, TX, Grav Labs operates several product lines of specialty scientific glassware such as Helix, Stax, Upline, Gravitron, Nano, Tasters, and the premium Grav Gold Series. Aside from scientific glass, Grav Labs also manufactures high end vaporizers and accessories. Grav Labs prides themselves in offering a diverse lineup of stylish, functional, and affordable glass. Some of the best products in their lineup include their bubblers, sherlocks, chillums, glass blunts, and steamrollers. What sets Grav Labs apart from other brands is the scientific theme and amazing performance of their products. One of the best examples of their products, something that represents them well, is the Grav Labs 4" Glass Blunt. Their glass blunt is one of the most popular products on our site, as well as one of the most ingenious creations in the smoking industry right now. The Grav Labs 4" Glass Blunt is an innovation of a chillum. Just like a chillum you can pack the dry herbs into the end of the pipe. Conveniently, you can pack how ever much dry herb can fit into the length of the glass blunt. This is because of the slide that's built into the hand pipe. After you've lit the end and smoked some dry herbs, you can push the slide and empty out the ash. As you do this, the un-smoked dry herbs is pushed to the end, replacing the ash with fresh herbs. Grav Labs created an inexpensive product that looks awesome, and works like a charm. If you've ever looked into this glass blunt, you know exactly what kind of company Grav Labs is: intelligent and cutting-edge.

Not only is their standard line of products well received by our customers, but their specialty glassware is also quite popular. The products within these collections share certain signature designs and engineering. For example, the Upline collection contains products that heavily utilize stacked percs for filtration. Furthermore, the Upline posters and art have a coherent theme: Art Nouveau. The Art Nouveau style makes every poster visually striking and elegant. But Grav Labs doesn't stop at the Upline collection; they also have two other collections: the Stax and the Helix. The Stax collection is notable for often incorporating coils into the engineering of the pieces, as well as detachable pieces. Take the Stax Queen Bundle Kit, for instance, which is a prime example of how the Grav Labs Stax line looks. This bong is fully assembled by connecting three glass pieces together: the body, base, and mouthpiece. At both joints where the pieces are connected, there are keck clips to ensure that the pieces remain connected. The great thing about this piece is that you could mix and match these included piece with segments from other Stax products. If you prefer the coil condenser on the Stax Queen Bundle Kit, then you can use it with a different mouthpiece and base. The Stax product line has achieved what few other have: giving the use the freedom to mix and match the parts of their bong. As for the Helix collection, its signature is utilizing a tapered mouthpiece. The mouthpiece's shape causes the smoke to spin into a vortex, cooling it before the inhale. Take a look at the Mini Helix Classic Pipe, which has 3 micro holes with equivalent angles. Thanks to these tiny holes, smoke cannot escape. Instead, air can only go into the helix mouthpiece, which causes the smoke to swirl. In the absence of water percolation, it is hard to imagine how a hand pipe is capable of cooling smoke. Leave it to Grav Labs to be the ones to discover a way to do exactly that. Considering the effort they put into their work, it is clear that Grav Labs is a company that takes their craft seriously. Every product incorporates intelligent engineering and sleek design.


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