American Glass

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DankStop is proud to carry high-quality American (Made in USA) glass bongs and pipes from various manufacturers. It is important to us to give our customers access to top-notch products, while also maintaining a diverse selection for them as well. As you will notice, this collection does not hone in on any one type of glass product. Instead, we have included all types of products that have been manufactured in America. Below, you will see American glass bongs, dab rigs, hand pipes, and glass accessories. Regarding individual artists, Noah Holland is one of the more renoun American glass artists whose pieces we carry. Holland not only competed in the 2016’s CHAMPS Glass Games, but he also won as an East Coast Emerging Artist. Noah Holland is among several other American artists DankStop carries. Not only were the products in this collection made by individual American glass artists, but we also have many products from American companies. This collection contains glass products by C2 Custom Creations, Pulse Glass, Chameleon Glass, M.I.O. Glass, Empire Glassworks, and 13 Glass.

If you want help support the glassblowers of America, it's as easy as purchasing American made glass. However, there are even more reasons for buying American glass. For instance, the quality of glass is always higher in American made products. This is because the glass is manufactured with advanced machinery and tools. Also, higher quality materials are used for manufacturing, which further increases the quality of American glass bongs and pipes. Furthermore, this glass is more meticulously monitored for imperfections in detail. American glass is best suited for a customer looking for a long-lasting, reliable, and functional piece. Plus, many of these bongs and pipes are as innovative as they are reliable. When you look through this collection, you are guaranteed to find some striking pieces. It might be in their theme or in their design, but there is always something truly unique about American glass.