★★★★★ 5.0 / 5 stars, 4 reviews

Recognized by Gizmodo as one of the "finest grinders they've ever used", Aerospaced lives up to more than just its lofty name. This company's grinders avoid the usual issues with dry herb grinders, by having magnetic upper caps that snap on easily. On the inside of their grinders are high quality blades that result in a super fine grind every time. Their grinders utilize anodized aerospace-grade aluminum, and have a built-in screen and pollen catcher. They even use computer controlled (CNC) milling to carve the metal from a solid block. This means that every aspect of Aerospaced grinders are calculated and precise. For instance, the diamond shaped teeth do an amazing job at grinding up your herb to a perfect consistency. Whether you are using the dry herbs with rolling papers or packing a bowl, these grinders will leave the herb finely ground. Better yet, the grinding process is really ergonomic. More often than not, people struggle to rotate the magnetic top of their grinders. However, you will not be struggling at all with an Aerospaced grinder. The blades in the upper stage are quite sharp, which is the reason it produces such a smooth grind. 

Another unique feature of these grinders is stored within the pollen catcher: the pollen scraper. The pollen scraper is shaped like a perfect triangle, which is a slightly unusual for this little tool. However, this triangle really does the job at gathering leftover pollen. When push comes to shove, Aerospaced grinders are a really safe buy. A major reason it performs so well is due to the aerospace-grade aluminum used to manufacture it. For instance, this material extends the life of the blades by preventing them from dulling. Once a grinder's blades have dulled, the quality of the grind is lost. With an Aerospaced grinder, your herbs will stay finely ground for much longer than with competing grinders.