• Beginner's Guide to Pipes

    Beginner's Guide to Pipes
    There is an incredible variety of choice available when it comes to buying a pipe, so many that even seasoned smokers can find it difficult to decide on exactly what they want in their next piece. When you’re a beginner the choice can seem overwhelming, but being armed with a little information about what’s available to you as a consumer can help you make an...
  • Glossary of Terms

    Glossary of Terms
    Use the glossary below to learn about smoking supplies and their associated terms.  american glass angle cut dome beaker can chamber puck chamber straight tube bent neck branded glass glow in the dark clear glass colored glass deep bowl dewar's joint dichroic glass diffused downstem direct inject dome splashguard donut splashguard fab egg glass opals slyme glass condenser coil heady glass hourglass chamber ice...