Trump Advisor Celebrates 4/20 With Nixon Bong

Roger Stone's Richard Nixon Bong

Who would've thought the (alleged) architect of Watergate would find himself on a water-PIPE? Nobody, but that didn't stop our 37th president from being infamous among 70's youth. So much so that the counterculture often adopted his image ironically, as is the case with this vintage bong owned by Roger Stone, former campaign advisor for President Trump. 

The aptly named Stone tweeted this piece sitting next to pictures of his family and what looks like a Christmas tree that's been up for WAY too long. Also: his shy cat hides in the background. Stone's tweet commemorates 4/20, a smoker holiday of debatable origin (some say it's Bob Marley's birthday, some say it's a police code, etc). During the last 4/20, Stone displayed this bong along with a collection of other Nixon-related smoking paraphernalia on his YouTube page, which included a Nixon hand pipe and a Nixon cigarette holder. Whether or not he plans to partake in the bong is uncertain, but lets hope that this quirky pipe has better longevity than Nixon himself.

Picture courtesy of Twitter