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Titanium vs. Quartz - Which nail is right for you?

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* Generally priced higher than quartz nails.

* Very strong and less prone to breaking.

* Lifespan can be years, and even a lifetime if taken care of properly.

* Heats up quicker than quartz.

* Holds heat for longer than quartz nails.

* Need to be seasoned before use. (Removing polish and other unwanted materials that coat the nail upon purchase.)

o Some heat their nail to red hot, wait to cool fully, and repeating the process a few times.

o Others heat their nail to red hot, drop in cold water and repeat the process numerous times.

* Some consumers say TI nails give off an odd taste related to metal burning. (Usually related to lack of seasoning process)

* Nail Quality is known to range between different brands and products.


* Generally priced lower that titanium nails.

* Composed of weaker material, and more prone to breaking.

* Shorter lifespan generally than that of TI nails. Can range from a few months to a few years depending on treatment.

* Takes longer to heat up than titanium.

* Heat dissipates quickly, leaving the consumer with less time for functional use after heated.

* Some consumers swear by quartz, due to the “better all natural taste.”

* No need to season before use. Ready to use right out of the package.

* Quality is known to range between quartz and standard glass nails. Glass is overall a cheaper price and less stable/durable when compared to quartz.