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The Best Dab Rigs Under $75

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The Best dab rigs under $75
Dab rigs can be very intricate, sometimes resulting in some hefty prices. We here at DankStop know our customers come from all different kinds of walks of life and therefore have varying exposable incomes. That being said, we have created a list of some of our favorite dab rigs for under $75. Multiple styles and designs are featured so you won’t be pigeonholed into any one kind of oil rig. Some even come in your choice of color! Every dabber should have a great dabbing set-up, and with our selection you can find a dab rig that won’t break the bank.


double chamber hammerhead recycler

Double Chamber Hammerhead Recycler

Just because you are looking for an inexpensive dab rig does not mean it has to be boring. Take the Double Chamber Hammerhead Recycler for instance. Complete with two chambers, a bent neck, barrel perc, and flared mouthpiece, this dab rig has plenty of features that come together for fantastic dab sessions. The entire oil rig is made with super durable thick glass and the male joint is supported by a Dewar’s Joint. You even get to choose green or black colored accents unless you want an entirely clear, scientific glass look. So the Double Chamber Hammerhead Recycler is a perfect of example of finding a more than effective dab rig for under $75.

    •  5mm Thick Glass

    •  Bent Neck

    •  Choice of Colored Accents

    •  Dual Chambers

    •  Hammerhead Style

    •  Scientific Glass

    •  Flared Mouthpiece

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nano inline perc oil rig
Nano Inline Perc Oil Rig

Dab rigs don’t have to be huge to function. The Nano Inline Perc Oil Rig is a perfect example of this. The can chamber allows for enough vapor to build up and the inline perc diffuses it for a more smooth taste. Concerned about burning your face on a dab rig of this size? The bent neck is angled away from the nail to prevent this. The Nano Inline Perc Oil Rig comes in your choice of many colors. If you want a more compact, easy to transport dab rig, this one is for you.

    •  Flared Base 

    •  Can Chamber

    •  Miniature 5” Height

    •  Bent Neck

    •  Choice of Color

    •  Flared Mouthpiece 

    •  Inline Perc

mini recycler beaker base dab rig
Mini Recycler Beaker Base Dab Rig

Somewhat of a combination of the first two water pipes on this list, the Mini Recycler Beaker Base Dab Rig takes the functionality of a recycler and puts it in a compact body. A glass arm sticks out of the beaker style chamber and routes back into the neck of the dab rig to form a recycling motion. This kind of airflow paired with the fixed downstem diffuses your vapor multiple times for a much smoother taste. Coming in at 5.5” x 3.5”, the compact size of the Mini Recycler Beaker Base Dab Rig makes it easy to handle and, like the Nano Inline Perc Oil Rig mentioned above, the neck bends away from the nail for added safety.

    •  Scientific, Clear Glass

    •  5.5” x 3.5” Compact Size

    •  Plenty of Diffusion

    •  Fixed Downstem

    •  Bent Neck

"pakku" puck rig w/ showerhead perc
“Pakku” Puck Rig w/ Showerhead Perc

Another mini water pipe, the “Pakku” Puck Rig w/ Showerhead Perc once again proves that size doesn’t matter when it comes to quality dab rigs. The puck chamber houses a fixed downstem, which happens to have a showerhead perc at the end of it. Each of the slits around the showerhead perc diffuse your concentrates for a much better tasting vapor. If you are sensing a trend that most dab rigs have bent necks then way to go. It is always safer the further your face is from a scorching hot nail.

    •  Choice of Color

    •  Fixed Downstem 

    •  Showerhead Perc

    •  6” x 4” Compact Size 

    •  Bent Neck

    •  Puck Chamber

    •  Ronin Glass Decal

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wine glass dab rig
Wine Glass Dab Rig

By far the most unique entry on this list, the Wine Glass Dab Rig has a very fun design while still being fully functional. An inline perc stems into the chamber which of course looks like the head of a wine glass. Diffusion is necessary when it comes to dabbing or you can get a pretty harsh hit. The bent neck and male joint are on opposite sides of the chamber so there is plenty of leeway. The Wine Glass Dab Rig is an interesting twist on water pipes and will garner much warranted attention with both its design and functionality.

    •  Wine Glass Shape

    •  Bent Neck

    •  Inline Perc

    •  Clear Glass 

    •  Flared Mouthpiece

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maria ring dab rig bubbler
Maria Ring Dab Rig Bubbler

If you are a fan of bubblers, whether it be for their shape or their simplicity, the Maria Ring Dab Rig Bubbler is right for you. This DankStop oil rig gets its name from the two maria rings, one located on the fixed downstem and the other on the bent neck. The aforementioned fixed downstem has a showerhead perc at the bottom to diffuse your vapor. The bent neck and rest of the design looks just like your prototypical bubbler.

    •  Flat Circular Mouthpiece 

    •  9” x 2.5” 

    •  Bubbler Design

    •  Scientific Glass

    •  Showerhead Perc

    •  Maria Rings

honeycomb perc to tree perc water pipe
Honeycomb Perc to Tree Perc Water Pipe

It is not easy to find straight tubes that are made for dabbing. The Honeycomb Perc to Tree Perc Water Pipe gives you the thick glass and comfortable design that you love about straight tubes. Standing at about 12” tall, this dab rig produces some massive hits. Don’t worry about these tokes being too harsh as your vapor goes through two separate percs and an ice catcher before you inhale. A honeycomb perc is located near the base and a tube above that leads into a tree perc. As if those two percolators weren’t enough to convince you, a three-pronged ice catcher sits in the neck of the rig right below the flared mouthpiece. Both percs, the flared mouthpiece, and the base come in your choice of color.

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So there you have it; multiple dab rigs in various styles all for under $75. If you would like to expand your search, explore our entire dab rig collection.

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