The Benefits of a Chillum

Why Buy A Chillum?


Although unbeknownst to most smokers, the most direct way to consume your dry herbs and tobacco is with a chillum. A specific type of hand pipe, chillums are an easy and portable smoking option. When looking at the history of the original one-hitters, they were much larger and made with bamboo. These were used for holy rituals and spiritual occasions all over India, South America, and Africa, dating back to at least the 1700’s. In the United States, chillums gained popularity in the 1960’s, starting in San Francisco and the Greenwich Village of New York City.


Mathematix Pendant Chillum

Dream Pipe

These smoking pipes have come a long way from being made with animal horns and wood. Although you can still find carved bamboo old-school chillums, most one-hitters today are made with glass. Don’t worry; these modern chillum pipes are full of art and ingenuity as well. Besides coming in various shapes, themes, and sizes, there are different characteristics for each glass pipe. Some pipes, like the Liquid Freezable Glitter Chillum from Dream Pipes, are able to be placed in the freezer for an ice cold hit. Chillums can also be used as an attachment for your bubbler or as a handle for your rolled cigarette, exemplified by the Grav Labs 3-in-1 Helix Bubbler Package.

Why Buy A Chillum


The use for a one hitter is growing in popularity as people look for the quickest way to smoke. Always lightweight, a chillum allows you to pack less and get more out of every hit. Because there is a straight path from your product to the mouthpiece, you inhale directly every time. This results in a heartier and more effective hit, while conserving your materials by requiring less with each pack. Keep in mind that with no carb, there is no controlling the airflow as your dry herbs will burn as long as there is still materials left. Although chillums can fit in your pocket and are called one-hitters, they can last longer than a singular hit and are easy to repack. Chillums can vary in design and use; some emphasize discretion with resemblance to a cigarette or cigar, while others function as an accessory in the form of a pendant. These pendants, like the Circular Pendant Chillum by Mathematix, can be worn as a necklace for extreme convenience. A chillum pipe can be used by anyone, no matter their experience level, who needs a fast, handy way to smoke their dry herbs and tobacco.

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