GIVEAWAY| 8" Raked Beaker Water Pipe
    Get ready to win a new bong! Get the 8" Raked Beaker Water Pipe in Dankstop's flash giveaway sweepstakes.  Enter:  8" raked beaker water pipe This 8" beaker water pipe has a turquoise rake design over thick, clean glass. This bong comes with a matching slide. If you're looking for a great water pipe at an affordable price, this bong is for you! The features...

    GIVEAWAY | hexagon base bubble beaker water pipe
      Get ready to win a new bong! Get the Hexagon Base Bubble Beaker Water Pipe in Dankstop's flash giveaway sweepstakes.  Enter: hexagon base bubble beaker water pipe This scientific glass bong features a rounded chamber with a straight neck. The water pipe contains a hexagon base and is made from thick simex glass in Oregon. It includes a glass slide with rubber grommet for...
  • Giveaway - Back to School Bundle

    Giveaway - Back to School Bundle
    Pretty much everyone dreads going back to school, teachers and students alike. After September 6th however, two lucky people will have something to look forward to. This week's giveaway is a special Back to School Bundle! For the first time in DankStop's giveaway history, we are gifting a full set of products meant to ease the stress of another school year. Labor Day Back-to-School...