Smoke Gear You Need For Parties

Smoking is a social activity, so it stands to reason that smoke parties are gonna happen. While your grandpa’s wooden pipe is great for solo toking, you gotta bring out the big guns when the whole crew comes over. Luckily for you, there are plenty of products that bring the most out of any party.

Shine Papers - Gold Rolling Papers

Critic tested and rapper approved, Shine Papers are about as glitzy herb can get on a reasonable budget. Cigar entrepreneur and Shine founder Dave Brown wanted to bring the class of a Black Tie cigar to the humble J, which resulted in rolling papers covered in edible gold leaf. At 24 dollars per 2-sheet pack, these aren’t going to be daily rollers, but they are a great way to show your guests how serious you take partying. They’ll love them even more when they see the glittering ashes left behind in the ashtray (which Shine calls “The Jewels”). To top it off, Shine Papers are just great to smoke. Review sites like The Chill Bud and Smoking With Style have said that Shine papers burn slow, are smooth and have no intrusive flavors due to their hemp base and gold leaf coating. No wonder big name artists like Tyga and Miley Cyrus (yes, really) swear by them. Shine Papers produces rolling papers, cigar wraps, pre-rolled cones, and “tattooed blunts” that have money design prints.

Grav Labs - Gravitron

For those looking to get the most out of their herb with the least amount of effort, the gravity bong is the best tool for the job (as you probably learned in college). The average homemade gravity bong is made from a plastic bottle with its bottom cut off that is then placed inside of a bucket/pool/tub etc. On top of the bottle cap is a grommet, bowl and slide where the herb is lit before the user slowly pulls the bottle up from the water, which creates a smoke-building vacuum inside the bottle. Then you just remove the bottle cap and inhale the dense smoke created. For those who don’t want the “janitor closet” aesthetic, Grav Labs offers the Gravitron, the world’s only commercially sold gravity bong. Grav Labs actually gets their name from their signature Gravitron, which has a sleek design that uses a slim glass water pitcher instead of a bucket. Other touches include a colored glass ring at the bottom of the bottle that, when combined with the triangular Gravitron logo on the pitcher, shows you exactly when it’s time to inhale. The Gravitron is also glass on glass (with the exception of its rubber grommet) so you get a cleaner and tastier hit when compared to plastic bottle gravity bongs. So not only will you and your friends get monster hits, you’ll also be inhaling pure herb and tobacco.

Monkey O Kit

Just because smoking is an adult activity doesn’t mean you and your friends can’t add some childish fun. Monkey O’s combines the joy of toking with the joy of blowing bubbles; just dip your Monkey O in the included bubble solution, take a pull of your pipe, and then exhale into the Monkey O. Out will come a smoke filled bubble that you can admire and play with as it floats around the room. These bubbles have unique properties such as being able to be stacked or stay connected to the Monkey O. There are plenty of YouTube videos showcasing the vast array of tricks you can perform with your Monkey O. Once the bubble solution runs out (though you can buy some more), the Monkey can still be used to make O-shaped smoke rings.

Storz and Bickel - Volcano

“Storz and Bickel” don’t sound like the guys to get the party started, but their signature Volcano vaporizer more than makes up for that. Volcano is the OG of desktop vapes and is still considered the industry standard. Despite its premium pricing, the Volcano has become the most famous vaporizer on the market and has appeared in films such as Snoop Dogg’s Mac and Devin Go To High School and Seth Rogen’s This Is The End as the ultimate smoker device. As opposed to using a hose like most modern vaporizers, the Volcano comes with large medical grade bags that it fills up with vapor. Though a bit much for one or two to smoke, the bag makes for a perfect communal experience as it has a huge amount of easy-to-inhale vapor that can be passed around. That means you can avoid some of the unfortunate mishaps that can occur to your smoking pieces when drunken revelry comes into play. The Volcano also comes with an ‘Easy’ and ‘Solid’ valve set, with the Easy Valve allowing you to re-use your bag (which means marathon smoke sessions) and the Solid Valve allowing to choose the size of the bag you use (which means catering the bag to your party size). The Volcano also has a digital version which allows you to simply set the vaporizer’s temperature without any further actions, meaning you and your crew can sit back and wait for the vapor.

Moose Labs - MouthPeace

Not everything should be shared at a party, and one of those things are germs. We've all had the experience of passing around a bong and hoping that all of our friends have a clean bill of health. You can worry no more with Moose Labs' MouthPeace, a sanitary silicone mouthpiece that is compatible with wide mouth bongs. You can keep it at home for house parties or bring it with you to festivals and other large gatherings. The MouthPeace comes with a clip-on lanyard so you don't have to worry about putting it on the ground or floor. In addition, each one comes in your choice of funky swirling colors, ranging from rasta to black and white.