Product Review: "Dream" Vaporizer Pen Kit

dream vaporizer pen kit 

The Kind Pen "Dream" Vaporizer Pen Kit has some unique features that might convince you of its daily driver status. Praised by High Times Magazine and MedicalJane as one of the best portable vaporizers on the market, the "Dream" Vaporizer Pen Kit has the ability to be your go-to for vaping concentrates.

dream vaporizer pen kit


The wax pen is designed in New Jersey and built exclusively for concentrates. Because it has a dual quartz atomizer and a ceramic one, don't even try to use dry herbs or e-liquids with this electric dab pen if you want it to function correctly. There are not a lot of dab pens on the market that give you two types of atomizers so that is definitely a plus. The 1500 mAh lithium battery located inside delivers powerful draws and longer usage times. The included USB charger made charging the "Dream" Vaporizer Pen easy. The concentrate vaporizer also comes in many different colors, including some with gold trim.

Temp Control and Functionality

For a vaporizer to be considered the best wax pen, it should have temperature control. Now some people do not like temp control vapes that do not have a display because you have to remember the amount of clicks needed. The buttonless, touch-sensitive functionality of the "Dream" Vaporizer Pen can be activated on the bottom of the dab pen. Five simple taps of the bottom turns the vaporizer on; don't worry the vape pen has a 10 second auto-shutoff for safety. After you turn on the oil pen, tap the base in sequences of three times to reach each temperature level. There are three temperature ranges that are represented by color (red - 350°F, yellow - 390°F, green - 430°F). The temperature ranges have to do mostly with personal preference and the thickness of the concentrate you are using. Sometimes the warm-up for the "Dream" Vaporizer Pen can take awhile but the full draws that follow a few puffs are worth the wait. The taste of your concentrates will be plentiful as the materials used do not affect the flavor at all. Four air slots can be found encompassing the top of the pen. With a simple twist you can change the airflow at which you inhale. 

dream vaporizer pen kit


Because of the glass mouthpiece being easy to take on and off, you must keep the "Dream" Vaporizer Pen upright when inhaling so your concentrates won't leak out. This is not a big problem but you might have to catch yourself leaning back or laying down after a few huge rips.

As is the case with most vaporizers, cleaning the "Dream" Vaporizer Pen can be tedious. Between the mouthpiece and chamber, a lot of residue can build up. Be careful when cleaning the atomizers as they can break easily. Also make sure to not overfill it as this can affect airflow.


The price tag connected to The Kind Pen "Dream" Vaporizer Pen Kit might irk you at first sight because most wax vaporizers are more expensive. However this concentrate pen is quite the steal with minimal problems. The different temperature ranges and touch-sensitive button might take some getting used to, but overall, the "Dream" Vaporizer Pen Kit could be your new daily driver and maybe take the place of your favorite dab rig. Check out the rest of The Kind Pen collection!