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Product Review: Barrel Perc to Triple Ratchet Perc Klein Incycler

Any dabber who has used a rig with percs will tell you how much of a difference percolators can make. The taste is more smooth and the entire process is simply better looking overall. Although it might resemble a bong to some users, the
Barrel Perc to Triple Ratchet Perc Klein Incycler is meant for concentrates, hence why it comes with a dome and nail. That being said, don’t be afraid to pick up a matching female bowl to allow for dry herb use as well.  The process of making your dab rig or bong dual-use is simple. For the purpose of this review, we will be highlighting the features of the DankStop Barrel Perc to Triple Ratchet Perc Klein Incycler as a full fledged dab rig.

The More Diffusion the Better

When it comes to diffusion, you can never have enough. Although some percs do more than others, they all affect airflow, which in turn affects your vapor or smoke. There are many different percs out there and the Barrel Perc to Triple Ratchet Perc Klein Incycler features two of them. The barrel perc is located towards the base of the main chamber. Acting somewhat like a downstem, after vaporizing your dab, the vapor will lead into the barrel perc first. The recycling motion starts with this perc as well. Some vapor will leak out the slits in the barrel perc while the rest goes straight up a glass tube in the center of the incycler. The vapor that came out the barrel perc itself will make its own way up as well, running through the three ratchet percs that are positioned right below the klein style chamber. A second tube stems out of the klein barrel and back into the main chamber. All of this glass was made so the vapor can flow through the dab rig multiple times for tremendous tasting hits.

barrel perc to triple ratchet perc klein incycler

Hefty Rig for Hefty Dabs

Standing at 12 inches tall and with a 4 inch base, the Barrel Perc to Triple Ratchet Perc Klein Incycler is quite large for a dab rig. Some people like their dab rigs at a convenient size but with this recycler you can create some hefty tokes. The bent neck still keeps your face away from your torch and nail for added safety. The Dewar’s Joint (the small glass rod that connects the joint to the pipe) helps keep the joint safe as it is already under plenty of stress from the constant torching. The entire oil rig is made with thick glass as well, so it can easily become your daily driver, eliminating any worries of overuse. It even comes in your choice of colored glass accents! The accents are around the base and the flared mouthpiece.

barrel perc to triple ratchet perc klein incycler


The major complaint I would have with this DankStop incycler is that because of all the percs, it is not the easiest to clean. Obviously with a little time and effort, you can manage to work your way around the hard to reach places using one of our helpful cleaning guides. Cleaning involves day-to-day practices and good habits.


While larger than most dab rigs, the Barrel Perc to Triple Ratchet Perc Klein Incycler is perfect for the dabber who likes excess. If you can get over the cleaning annoyances and more bong-like shape, this recycler produces monstrous amounts of vapor that run through the diffusion process multiple times. All those percs aren’t for decoration and you can taste the difference.


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