How to Use Your Bong For Dabbing

How To Use Your Bong For Dabbing

Although it is smart to have a dedicated piece for herbs and one for concentrates, it is important to know you can easily turn your bong into a dab rig with some simple steps. There are many reasons why someone might want to be able to vaporize waxes and oils out of a bong. It can be a cheaper option, although at DankStop we have plenty of dab rigs on the lower end. The most reasonable justification is that they are new to dabbing. You wouldn’t want to buy a rig specifically for concentrates until you know whether or not you like it, right? Luckily DankStop has multiple options for customers like this.

If you truly want to test out dabbing before committing to a new dab rig or a higher end nail, there are plenty of choices. Although quartz and ceramic nails can be cheaper than titanium nails, they are still durable and convenient for any level dabber. These options are simple to use. All you need is a water pipe, nail, carb cap, and torch. Torch the nail before adding your concentrates then add your wax or oil to the top of it. Although there are domeless nails, it is smart to grab a carb cap to trap any leftover vapor. Some carb caps even come with a dabber attached, which is used to apply your dabs to the heated nail. DankStop has plenty of sizes and options when it comes to choosing a dabber. All dab tools are meant to be used with concentrates and their pipes, so don’t worry about using them on a bong.

how to use your bong for dabbing

If you are confident that you want to get into dabbing and simply don’t want to buy another water pipe, an electric nail is the perfect fit for you. An e-nail does not need a torch, which can be dangerous for a newcomer with it’s open flame. Instead an e-nail is connected to a power station which is plugged directly into a wall outlet. Here you can control the heat and never have to worry if your nail is hot enough as it will keep the set heat while it is plugged in. There are various degree points dabbers use to vaporize their concentrates but the preferred average is somewhere between 400°F and 800°F. This depends on your preference and other factors so try out what works best for you. In our video 710°F worked perfectly with our nail choice This method vaporizes your dabs instead of burning them, resulting in tastier, cleaner inhales. Besides conserving your concentrates better, electric nails are a logical choice if you are prepared to dive into the rewarding world of dabbing.

In conclusion, it is always best to buy a separate dab rig so you can keep your flower and concentrate pipes apart. We here at DankStop know that is not always an option and will help you make your bong into not only a great dab rig but also a fantastic dabbing experience.