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Hemp Wick: The Accessory You Didn’t Know You Needed

Talk to one of your hippie friends about smoking and you’re certain to hear one suggest using hemp wick, if you don’t already use it. For those not-in-the-know, hemp wick is a length of cord that can be lit and used to light pipes and rolled cigarettes. Hemp wick has a loyal fanbase, like most hemp products. And for good reason, since…



This is probably the most obvious benefit; hemp is a non-psychoactive variety of cannabis sativa that grows so easily that it doesn’t require pesticides or other additives. The wick is created by clinging together hemp strands with beeswax, which acts as a natural and healthy glue. The organic nature of hemp wick means that, even after being lit by a butane lighter or other heat source, it provides the purest possible light for your pipe or cigarette. And that purity means that...



raw papers

Anyone that’s smoked a hemp rolling paper knows that hemp doesn’t intrude on the flavor of your smoke. This is even more true with hemp wick, since it doesn’t add the usual butane flavor you get from lighters. The only thing you’ll be getting is the taste of whatever dry herb or tobacco you’re puffing on. It’s common for smokers who switch to hemp wick to notice the subtle nuances of herb flavor they’ve been missing out on for years. Hemp wicks also burn at around the 300-500 degrees necessary to combust herb, as opposed to the 2,000-4,000 produced by the average lighter. Lower heat leads to a less harsh inhale, which is ideal for the daily smoker. And if you do smoke daily, you’ll love that...




While the idea of buying an extra item to save money might seem counter-productive, hemp wick is easily one of the smartest investment the daily smoker can make. Hemp wick itself is cheap; a 3 pack of 5ft Humboldt Hemp Wick costs less than 6 dollars. Assuming you use a quarter foot of wick every week, your wicks should last for over a year. And you probably won’t use all of your wick, since hemp wick prolongs the life of lighters exponentially. As we mentioned before, lighters burn 4x the amount necessary to combust herb. Because you have to hold the flame for at least a few seconds, that means you’re cutting down your lighter’s life to a fraction. Because hemp wick ignites immediately upon being lit, the lighter only needs to be on for a second or two before the wick is on fire. And since you’ll have 250 feet of it, you don’t need to worry about it running out anytime soon. Once your wick is lit, you’ll also realize that...




If you’re an experienced smoker, you’ve probably heard the term “cornering” before (we wrote an article on it). If you haven’t, it’s pretty much what it sounds like: combusting sides of your herb bowl instead of the whole thing. The benefit of cornering is that it allows for multiple people to have tasty fresh hits from a pipe. It also means that everyone gets optimal potency from whatever’s being smoked. Cornering is difficult to do with the wide flame of a lighter, but much easier when done with the skinnier hemp wick. The narrow flame can directly touch a section of the herb without touching the rest. A lit hemp wick burns so precisely that you can make unique designs in your herb bowl that will please your friends and family. And if being a man/woman of the people is your goal, you’ll be glad to know that...


made by people


Given the ease of growing hemp, most hemp wick companies use local farmers for their resources. For example, Humboldt Traders’ founder, Brett Watson, grew up in Humboldt, went to school in Humboldt, and even sells glass from a local Humboldt headshop. With this in mind, it makes sense that the company prides itself on using locally grown hemp to support the local economy. The sale of hemp wick also supports the local beekeeping community, who (according to authorities like The Genetic Literacy Project) are seeing an increase of the bee population and will benefit from increased use of beeswax products. No matter who you buy your hemp wick from, you can be sure that your investment will go towards supporting a regional economy.

Hemp wick is sure to improve your smoking experience, so go to DankStop.com to see our selection of hemp wicks and other smoking accessories!