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Glass on Glass Joint Types and Sizes

Glass on Glass Joints


Glass on glass water pipes and dab rigs contain multiple sizes and different gender types, and here at DankStop we get a lot of questions about glass on glass joints. We love constantly educating our customers on the proper terminology because we believe that informed consumers make the best decisions for their individual needs. Knowing the difference between a male and a female joint, or the difference between a 10mm and an 18mm sized joint, can lead you to making the perfect purchase.


18mm Joint

Joint Sizes:


    10mm Joint Size

    10mm joints are sometimes referred to as mini or nano joints. They are generally found on pendant concentrate rigs and other small rigs and pipes. They are the most rare of the three joint types.


    14mm Joint Size

    14mm joints are very prevalent throughout different sizes and brands of water pipes and concentrate pipes.


    18mm Joint Size

    Usually reserved for larger dab rigs and glass water pipes, 18mm joints are also very common throughout different brands.

Joint Types:

  • Glass on Glass Male Joint Types

    Male Joint Type

    Male joints are more commonly found on vapor rigs, although they are found on water pipes as well. To properly use a male jointed glass pipe, you need to use the same sized female dome, female bowl, or female domeless nail.

  • Glass on Glass Female Joint Types

    Female Joint Type

    Female joints are reserved primarily for water pipes, although in rare instances a concentrate rig that comes with a male jointed domeless nail can contain a female joint. To properly use a female jointed glass pipe, you need to use the same sized male bowl or male domeless nail.

Due to the consistency of joint types, glass adapters and dropdowns have been created to let you interchange your glass pipe between different joint sizes as well as transforming to the other joint type. Male jointed dab rigs can be turned into female water pipes while female water pipes can be turned into male jointed concentrate rigs.

To learn more about the interchanging of joints, check out our in-depth article on how to use your bong for dabbing.