GIVEAWAY | world's largest glitter pipe


Prepare your eyeballs for the most beautiful and exclusive giveaway we have ever done. Dankstop is giving away the world's largest glitter pipe to a very lucky soul.

If you love glitter, enter here:

world's largest glitter pipe

This cosmic glitter pipe is a whopping 14" long and has a 5" width at its widest. Packed with colorful glitter, it also sports fun little shapes like stars and lightning bolts that swirl around as you toke away. This piece is freezable, like many other Dream Pipe products, as well as glow in the dark. We have seen the future, and it is FABULOUS.


  • Posted on by Bradley Beck
    Beautiful Piece Of Art !!
  • Posted on by Chris mcmunn
    I would love to do a review on this peice!
  • Posted on by Casey Morris
    That looks cool as hell I think my boyfriend would get a kick out of it for a Birthday present!!
  • Posted on by J. Riley

    Gorgeous glitter piece!😍

  • Posted on by Matt

    I really hope I win! I broke my piece a few months ago and haven’t had the funds to purchase a new one since I’m running a animal sanctuary so this would be awesome!

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