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Get ready to win this prize, honey! Two of you could win this nano inline perc oil rig in Dankstop's flash giveaway sweepstakes. 

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nano inline perc oil rig

This scientific glass dab rig is a perfect budget travel bubbler. At just 5" tall, this little guy is super easy to take on the go. This oil rig features a multi-slit inline perc to add some nice filtration to your vapor. The water pipe comes in your choice of clear, green, pink, teal, or blue glass.



  • Posted on by Noah bass

    Love their instagram page. As well as their online store

  • Posted on by Velinda420

    Would love this

  • Posted on by Robbyn Crespo

    I have orders a little bong/rig and I love it I’ve dabbed and took videos and posted it on my Instagram and I still have it but I’ve moved so I’d had to leave it at California with my mom 😒😔 but I love all your products 🙏🏼💜

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