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What's in the box?! Sorry but that is top secret information. However, one lucky winner will find out when they get a $50 Flower Mystery Box in DankStop's giveaway sweepstake!

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$50 Flower Mystery Box

Every Mystery Box is expertly chosen by the Dankstop team. You're going to get a curated assortment of products varying between glass, accessories and official merchandise. When you purchase the box, you may choose a price point and whether you prefer flower or concentrate. For this giveaway, we are giving you a chance to receive the $50 flower totally free. Each box has a total value of DOUBLE what you are paying. That means when you spend $50 you are really receiving at least $100 worth of products. We have a large selection which might be overwhelming for some, but don't you worry. The DankStop Mystery Box not only sets you up with a great assortment of prizes but will also save you money. Disclaimer: items cannot be swapped. Damaged items may be returned but there is no guarantee you receive the same exact piece.

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