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Get ready to win this very special prize! Get the hamburger grinder and pickle hand pipe in Dankstop's flash giveaway sweepstakes. 

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hamburger grinder + pickle pipe

Why not grind your tasty herbs in something that looks equally delicious? The Hamburger Grinder looks like the real thing, with two buns, a meat patty, and sesame seeds on top. Take the top bun off to access the very sharp metal teeth. The fake patty in the middle holds your herbs after you are done grinding them while the bottom bun is a kief catcher. Just like you wouldn't let a real hamburger go to waste, the Hamburger Grinder doesn't waste any of your dry herbs.

In a pickle about how to enjoy your favorite dry herbs and tobacco? Then pick yourself this pickled pipe from Mathematix glass! This piece is made of clear green glass and is covered in several pickle like bumps. These bumps not only further the theme, they also allow the pipe to stand unaided and help with grip. The pickle's steamroller-type design means you can take big hits from your dry materials due the pipe's long body and front carb. Pick up this American Made pipe today; you'll never get a better deal! (Or should I say "dill"?

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