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Get ready to win this very special prize! Get the classic sherlock hand pipe by Diamond Glass in Dankstop's flash giveaway sweepstakes. 

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classic sherlock hand pipe

Diamond Glass has made a classic sherlock hand pipe that can rock its spot on your side table like you're Sherlock Holmes in modern times. The pipes have a black, pinched mouthpiece leading up to a maria ring feature which leads to the main chamber. The main chamber has a side carb and is perfectly balanced so it can stand comfortably with your flower in the deep bowl. This sherlock is 3.5" in height and 6" in length. Each pipe comes with its own unique features. The fumed variety has a white Diamond Glass decal. The black pipe has a dragon decal with Diamond Glass branding. The mint green one has a white decal imitating an official seal with the words "California" and "Diamond Glass." 

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