Flash Giveaway! Tentacle Hand Pipe


Deep down inside we all want a little Cthulu in our lives. You, too, can love the tentacle if you enter to win this Tentacle Spoon Pipe in Dankstop's 24-hour flash giveaway sweepstake!

This glass pipe features an intriguing design with a colored glass body covered by raised suction cups. The tentacle's hook shape allows it to hold on to your hand as well as an actual octopus, in addition to providing a solid grip while smoking. Along with a deep bowl, this spoon pipe offers a fun and functional smoking experience.

The entire list of features this tentacle pipe has includes:

• Smooth Feel
• Deep Bowl
• Side Carb Hole
• Choice of color
• Colored Glass
• Length: 4.5"
• Width: 2"

Flash Giveaway! Tentacle Spoon Pipe

This flash giveaway sweepstake will run from 1/24 to 1/25. Only one will take the prize! Make sure to enter in as many ways as possible to increase your chances of winning the tentacle pipe.

Didn't get lucky this time? Don't worry. Dankstop has this and other themed pipes like:

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