Faking The Funk: How To Cover Up That Smoke Smell

The smell of herb and tobacco is inviting for the daily smoker, but for some it can be undesirable or even repellent. For secretive smokers, this smell can also lead to attention from unfriendly authorities. Luckily for you, there are several ways for you to partake without creating a lasting scent.


If you really want to avoid smells connected to smoking, vaporizing is the best way to go. Since your materials aren’t being combusted, there’s no strong smoke to scent the room you’re in. While vaporizers do release a scent, it’s not as pronounced and there’s less of it due to lack of smoke. You can also leave the material in your vape and it will be undetectable, unlike rolled cigarettes and bowls which still have residual smoke after use.

Air Filters

If you’re not one for vaporizing, you still have plenty of options to avoid strong smells. Besides going outside, the most basic way of doing this is smoking next to a window, an air vent, or into a running vacuum. The first homemade gadget used to filter out the scents of smoking was the “sploof”. The sploof was a toilet tissue tube filled with dryer sheets. The dryer sheets were meant to mask the smell of the smoke while also filtering it. While useful in the short term, sploofs had to be constantly replaced as the smell overpowered the dryer sheets. The advanced version of the sploof is the Smokebuddy, an item that emerged in 2008 and is now the leading air purifier for smokers due to its low cost and ease of use. Like the sploof, all you have to do is exhale into the nozzle and out comes fresh air, eliminating the smoke entirely. For extra points, it resembles an inconspicuous water bottle so no one will suspect it’s true purpose. The Smokebuddy has several variations for your needs, including pocket-sized Smokebuddy Jr. and the larger Smokebuddy Mega for daily smokers.

Air Fresheners

Aside from outright removing the smoke, filling a room with a counterbalancing scent is a great way to cover up what you’ve been smoking. Incense is the most common way to do this; not only does it lend to a comfortable ambience, its strong aroma overlaps any smoke. The incense brand most associated with smoking is Bluntmax. As their name suggests, this American company makes incense especially suited to accompany a smoke session. Their freshly hand-dipped incense sticks come in a variety of scents including vanilla and bubblegum. Bluntmax also makes scented air freshener sprays and satchels for those more aggressive scents.

Air-Tight Containers

Even if you can avoid smoke permeating the room you’re in, your stash itself could be giving off a distinct smell. Many people keep their dry materials in jewelry bags that aren’t odor proof. In mass quantities, these bags can give your room a strong smell. The use of air-tight containers such as the Medtainer and the CVault can help you avoid this. Medtainers are medical grade container that are not only smell proof, but also have built-in grinders, meaning that you don’t have to worry about a heavily scented grinder as well. C-Vaults can’t grind, but come in several sizes so they can accommodate materials as small as 4 grams and as large as 8 liters.

Keeping Yourself Fresh

If you’re a regular smoker, you might also want to ensure that you and your clothing don’t carry the scent of smoke either. Thankfully, this is easier than the other methods. The most obvious way to avoid smelling like smoke is to do laundry afterwards, not smoke in clothing you plan on wearing later, and use fragrant (though not too fragrant) deodorant. Don’t carry rolled cigarettes with you, since the smell will have an easier time of scenting your clothes. What you eat and drink tends to scent your body as well, so that can act as a decent counterbalance. If you’re worried about your hands smelling like smoke, consider smoking primarily from bongs, bubblers, hand pipes and, once again, vaporizers. You can also use hand sanitizers, which have a strong scent of their own.

Smoking is fun when you know you’re not offending anyone, so take these methods into consideration if you want to be a conscious smoker.