Cannabis Storage Solutions for 2021

Cannabis Storage Solutions

2021 Buyer's Guide

Whether you’re worried about smell, discretion, security, or just basic organization, there are hundreds of options for cannabis containers on the market today. 

To save you time, we did the research and narrowed down the top 5 cannabis containers of 2021. 

5. The Medtainer™

Portable 2-in-1 Container and Grinder

The Medtainer is the most popular storage container for good reason: it combines almost everything you’d want. Medtainers are 4 inches high, made of medical grade plastic, smell-proof, air-tight and come in a variety of colors (both opaque and transparent). It’s most unique attribute is the built-in grinder, which allows you to grind your herb and then pour it back into the Medtainer. Variations of the Medtainer include the wider Extra Large Medtainer and others.


4. The Happy Pouch™

from The Happy Kit™

The Happy Pouch is your all in one, ready to go, travel solution. Prepacked with all the essentials, this smell proof, lockable pouch is the ultimate smokers companion from The Happy Kit. 

Inside the pouch you'd find a hand pipe, chillum, doob toob, grinder, lighter, hemp wick, a smell proof inner pouch, and an activated carbon liner sealed up with a double layer zipper. This pouch is designed to hide the funk within, and even features a 3 digit, TSA Approved combination lock -- perfect to keep your stash safe even if found. 

The Happy Kit features a full featured line up of travel kits, bags, and pouches, so there's one for everyone. They even make a Fanny Pack Happy Kit! 

3. Evak Stash Jar

By Prepara

The one thing missing from other storage containers is that while they can keep air from coming inside, they can’t remove air that’s already there. Not so for Prepara’s Evak Jars; they have a twin valve handle that removes air as it’s pressed into the container. When you’re ready to enjoy your product, just remove the handle and replace it later.

prepara evak storage

2. Boulder Case

Airtight, Waterproof, Hard-shell Cases

Boulder Cases are great for those of us taking the road less traveled. With a hard shell exterior, this entire line up of water proof, smell proof, and shock proof cases can withstand the roughest of terrain. Whether you're on the road, flying high, or sailing the seas, your herbs (and your glass) are sure to be safe inside of the boulder case. 

The "pick and pull" foam inside allows you to pluck the opening to the exact size of your glass, or easily into a generic shape to store miscellaneous products like ginders, herbs, rolling papers, glass, and more. If it fits, it ships! 


1. C-Vault

The industry standard in humiditity controlled Cannabis Storage Solutions

CVault has the widest range of container sizes, with the smallest container fitting 4 grams and the largest fitting 8 liters. As such, CVault if a good choice for people who need to store ALOT of tobacco/herb. The stocky shape of CVault’s containers makes them easy to store underneath furniture or in dressers. They’re made of stainless steel and can latch closed. Inside of each CVault is a unique Boveda/Humidipak packet - an item also used in food and wood preservation - that keeps the container at an optimal humidity range. This keeps your product from getting moldy or losing flavor.

cvault storage

Looking for other storage solutions??

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Travel Bags

Travel Bags

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