Bubblers: 4 Reasons You Should Get One

In the market for a hand pipe or bong? If so, you got some great choices, but let me give you a few reasons to check out the equally useful bubbler:

It’s Smoother Than A Hand Pipe

While hand pipes are great, sometimes you want to get a cool hit as well. And unless you plan to put your herb or your pipe in the freezer, there’s no way you’re getting that coolness. The bubbler solves this with a bong-like water filtration setup that allows for smooth hits. Like a bong, many of these pipes have downstems as well. While most of these downstems are simple diffused percs, some bubblers have showerhead, tree or ufo percs among others. Bubblers aren’t very hard to fill either, due to their small size. Which brings us to our second reason...

It’s Easier To Carry Than A Bong

That 50” beaker bong you and your fraternity bought last year is great for rush parties, but probably isn’t something you want to walk down College Ave with at 12am. Most bongs have limited portability, which is where the bubbler comes in. Put it in your pocket (without water in it, of course) then bring it to a friend’s house for a lovely smoke sesh. They’re also easier to pass around to friends, as most bubblers can be easily held in the palm of your hand. Bubblers tend to built for easy handling overall. For example…

They Have Comfortable Necks

While it seems like such a basic feature, being able to smoke in a comfortable position is so important for regular smokers. Smoking at an awkward angle can negatively affect your neck and make your hobby physically taxing. Most bubblers, particularly the iconic “Sherlock Bubbler”, have comfortably bent necks that allow for you to keep your head upright while smoking. Zob Glass is particularly well-known for their “wubbler” bent necks, which they incorporate into bongs as well. Combined with their low weight, bubblers make for an easy smoking experience. A common version of the bubbler is the “Sidecar”, where the mouthpiece is connected to the side of the bubbler’s chamber. This design prevents splashback and also gives some distance between your face and the flame you’re using. Bubbler necks tend to either be flared or have maria rings for grip, especially if you have a Sherlock. Don’t think the Sherlock is your only choice, though, since…

You Have Plenty of Options

Just like not all bongs are straight tubes and not all hand pipes are spoons, not all bubblers are made the same. Besides the well-known Sherlock, there’s the aforementioned Sidecar bubbler which features a branching neck. There’s also the Hammer bubbler, which is a piece with a deep cylindrical bowl connected to a long neck. These bubblers are designed to easily rest on their bowls and necks upon a flat surface. Standup bubblers, as the name implies, are built to be well-balanced while standing, which is accomplished by a flared base similar to a bong. Some glass producers like Chameleon Glass make “spubblers” that combine the best of bubblers and hand pipes. If you really want to take huge hits, there are “double bubblers” which are based on either sherlock or standup bubblers and have two equally large separate chambers for extra water, extra smoke and quadruple flavor! 

Aside from the shape, you also have a choice between bubblers that use a side carburetor or a removable bowl to regulate airflow. Smaller bubblers and hammers tend to have a side carb whereas larger and standup bubblers tend to have removable bowls. No matter what you choose, you’ll be getting great utility out of your pipe.

So now that you’re properly educated, go out and find the bubbler that is right for you!