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Basic Weed Smoking Accessories

The Best Weed Smoking Accessories

A 2021 Guide from DankStop.com

Dankstop is a pot smoker’s paradise because we know everyone is different. The best bong for one smoker is another’s choker. We know there’s a lot more to basic smoking accessories than just weed and a way to smoke it.

Basic weed smoking accessories goes way beyond rolling papers and trophy bongs.\

Basic weed smoking accessories goes way beyond rolling papers and trophy bongs. True travelers inside the mind know that communing with nature can happen any time, any place. So, will it be joints, glass pipes, bongs… or all three?

Serious stoners know what they like, but with the cannabis industry growing, tools for weed are always improving. So, even tried and true methods can get a fresh face. To know- sit back, spark up and check out this hitchhiker's guide to weed gear!

Basic Weed Smoking Accessories - Best Silicone Spoon Pipe - Dankstop

Weed tools we love

There’s only a few ways to spark up. But joints, pipes and bongs have countless options. And honestly, the only thing required to smoke weed is tasty nugs, so we won’t even look at the concentrates-fueled dab rig and vaporizer crowds.

No, this is all about busting open frosty nugs, and the tools that do it best. So we need your help to fine tune the best smoker’s tools, because it’s a personal thing. Plus, there’s more to weed accessories than just bongs and glass pipes.

From storing weed to breaking buds, rolling joints to loading bowls, and even cleaning up other weed accessories, let’s break down toker’s tools by where we use ‘em most- at home and away from the house.

Accessories for Smoking at home

Prized Bongs

Home is where prized bongs are put on pedestals. Like private shrines, these cool water pipes are protected and safely stored when not in use. That’s because the best bongs are often intricate and made of glass.

Glass bongs clearly offer advantages over the cheaper model water pipes. Through strength of materials and precision manufacturing, scientific glass can form virtually any shape from tall straight tubes to tiny percs.

High-quality glass water pipes are essential accessories for many pothead’s homes. Others will get by with more common materials, settling for cheap bongs made from ceramic, plastic, silicone and even wood.

For long-term use, only non-porous surfaces are recommended for weed and water. Plastic, wood and even metal may make for cheap bongs, but some worry the porous nature of cheap materials can leach into bong water (and smoke, and you!).

And that is where we should start our weed paraphernalia collection- at home. 

Basic Weed Smoking Accessories - Best Bongs - Dankstop
Basic Weed Smoking Accessories - Best Bong Cleaner - Dankstop

Cleaning a bong

One of the reasons home is the best place for bongs is because water pipes are easiest to clean with a sink. And, since nothing is worse than stinky bong water, it’s recommended to clean regularly, especially for health purposes.

You can use rock salt and water, capping the bong with your hand as you shake it, but there’s a better way to clean your bong using cool smoking accessories like silicone bong plugs and citrus-based bong cleaner.

Using the best weed tools means you don’t have to get your hands dirty no matter how long your bong soaks or is agitated. Silicone and bongs are a natural fit, including mouthpiece covers which may reduce risk of spreading germs.

Glass pipes

Another tried and true way to smoke weed is the glass pipe. While borosilicate has been around for a long time, legalization has blessed glass artisans with a renaissance.

The best glass pipes today have all manner of twisted colors, frits and other glaze elements and even percs that swirl and cool smoke. Most notably new to the world of best weed pipes are glass blunts and steamrollers.

Today’s glass pipes, as essential smoking accessories, can come in any shape, including traditional Sherlocks, spoon pipes and even hand-sculpted heady glass pipes. And while glass hand pipes are great, they do have competition.

Basic Weed Smoking Accessories - Best Glass Pipe - Dankstop

Best hand pipes for weed

Glass pipes may be cheap, but they break pretty easy. Most of them are also made outside the U.S., so the prices can fluctuate more than hand pipes made of other materials. The best hand pipes for weed are now made from many materials.

For those who break things easy, more durable hand pipes include just about anything other than glass or ceramic. Silicone hand pipes with glass or metal bowls or wooden weed pipes are a great way to avoid breakage.

Traditional steel or aluminum pipes are also everywhere. Good as a starter weed pipe or just a really inexpensive throw-away, metal hand pipes can sport all kinds of designs, engravings, colors and more!

Other popular hand pipes considered ‘basic smoking accessories’ by some are made from stone like quartz, obsidian, soapstone and many other minerals. And, while hand pipes are a fan favorite for weed, there’s also one-handed options.

Rolling papers, blunt wraps and cones

The beautiful thing about the ryo (roll-your-own) lifestyle, is that you only have to light joints, blunts and spliffs once per sesh. People have enjoyed rolled cannabis ever since there were rolling papers for the ease of use and convenient delivery.

Gone  are the days of little bleached sheets. Don’t get me wrong, the tried and true rice papers worked great- they burn evenly and don’t put off any taste while smoking it all from tip to roach.

And, while bleached papers are still around, today’s best-selling rolling papers, blunt wraps and cones offer so many options. The industry seems to be leaning towards all-natural, organic hemp papers that use a minimum of chemicals in production.

Rolling paper accessories

Yes, there are essential accessories to your essential accessories. Rolling papers can be used without roach clips, for example, but you can get more out of them if you use alligator clips to keep on hitting that j to the gooey end.

Of course, rolling that joint or packing a cone or stuffing a spliff gets a lot easier with the most arguably important weed smoking accessory- the herb grinder. This handy tool, no matter the size or number of compartments, is the best way to shred weed.

Rolling trays are also essential for ryo weed. Made from a variety of materials including metal, plastic and glass. Some weed trays have raised sides and rolled edges to keep weed in place and your hands safe.

Rolling machines for joints are also popular as basic smoking accessories. You can use a dollar bill or roll by hand, but chances are, it’ll be nowhere near perfect like a rolling machine produces.

Generally the only problem with rolling accessories is where to stash them. Fortunately, there are all sorts of ways to store gear as well as your stash.

Basic Weed Smoking Accessories - Best Rolling Papers - Dankstop
Basic Weed Smoking Accessories - Best Herb Grinder - Dankstop

Stash boxes and weed storage containers

Since home is where the heart is, and we love weed, it stands to reason our safest space is marked by a quality weed storage container. There are all manner of ways to store supplies safely from smell-proof bags to locking hard shell containers.

Stash boxes come in all sizes, some large enough to hold rolling trays (or have rolling trays built in) and others tiny enough to travel. They can be simple boxes or have a complex array of compartments.

The best stash boxes and weed storage containers may be polished, inlaid wood or cheap plastic depending on your budget and tastes. Combined with mylar smell-proof bags and no one needs to know what’s inside.

Basic Weed Smoking Accessories - Best Weed Jars - Dankstop
Basic Weed Smoking Accessories - Locking Stash Box - Dankstop

Smell-proof storage solutions are other great ways to store weed. These basic smoking accessories can be as simple as airtight canning jars or as complex as high-end smell proof jars that light your bud like jewelry while protecting it from drying out (or being detected!).

Smoking accessories to go

The list for home items is pretty much the same as the list for the house, because we’re still talking joints, bongs and pipes. But, being out and about often means that more discretion is needed.

For example, rolling doobies on the go means you probably won’t have great access to a rolling tray. But a few cool accessories means you won’t go without. You can stash herb, joints and more with smell proof weed tubes.

Carrying a grinder, likewise, can be more trouble than it's worth. That’s because of products like the card shredder that fits in a standard wallet! You can have finely prepared bud for smoking even in remote locations.

A travel water pipe is not out of the question either with silicone bongs. These modern takes on the old classic mean dishwasher safe cleanup and foldaway storage. Best of all, silicone bongs are virtually impossible to rip, tear or break.

Basic Weed Smoking Accessories - Best Silicone Bongs - Dankstop

Travel bongs, pipes and smell-proof bags

Silicone is also a good choice for travel hand pipes, although there any weed pipe that fits in the hand is already made for travel. Dankstop also has a wide selection of one-hitters and dugouts which are made already for pocket travel.

For keeping weed secure and away from the long noses, Dankstop also offers a wide variety of stash can diversion safes. So, that can of soda? Weed. Or the hairbrush or energy drink? Also weed. Check out all secret safes to keep your stash secure.

Containers on the go can mean anything from smell-proof and waterproof carry-on baggage, book bags and fanny packs.

Basic Weed Smoking Accessories - Best Smell Proof Travel Bag for Weed - Dankstop
Basic Weed Smoking Accessories - Best Happy Kit - Dankstop

Basic smoking accessories

Whether at home or moving about, Dankstop carries all tools needed for a toker’s tool box.  From the bongs, hand pipes and rolling gear to enjoy each smoke sesh your style.

Of course, we also offer travel happy kits that puts everything you need into one bag, but it’s also fun to pick and choose your own smoking tools.

Basic Weed Smoking Accessories - Best Happy Pouch - Dankstop