A Closer Look at the Source Orb V3

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Source Orb V3 Vaporizer The Source Orb V3 is the latest edition of Source Vapes popular vape pen. The Source Orb is named for its unique form; a slightly bulb-shaped attachment that connects to a longer battery. This gives the vape pen a hookah-ish appearance, as opposed to the futuristic aesthetic most vaporizers strive for. The inside of The Source Orb tells a different story, as it is one of the few vapes on the market that can sufficiently vaporize both concentrates and dry materials. This is achieved by its 7 included atomizers (as opposed to the single atomizer most vapes have), each of which can be swapped in and out, allowing it to vaporize any substance placed in its chamber. Many of these atomizers have dual coils to quickly produce large amounts of vapor. Its Dry Herb Baker and Dry Herb Hitter Atomizers are optimal for herbs, while the Quartz Single and Double Coil Atomizers, Ceramic Dual-Coil , and Double Coil Wicked Atomizers are optimal for concentrates. These atomizers use a proprietary titanium alloy produced by Source Vapes.

The Orb also has an innovation unseen in any other vaporizer: a special loading system that makes putting in concentrate wax much easier. For many vape pens, using concentrate is a tricky endeavor; there’s a risk of it falling off the coil and leaking into the chamber. With The Source Orb, you load the wax onto a plate attached to the mouthpiece by a small coil. You then re-attach the mouthpiece and the plate places the wax right over the coil. Since the wax gets packed correctly every time, you can be confident that you’ll get the maximum effect from your inhales.

The vaporizer comes with a quartz globe tip that has a side carb that allows you to control airflow. The Source Orb is known for its exceptional durability, with a sturdy body made of stainless steel and an aluminum mouthpiece. As an attachment, the source orb can connect to other Source vaporizers like the Source Globe and Bubbler.

As expected from a company as ambitious as Source Vapes, The Source Orb pushes the boundaries of what a vape pen can be capable of. It incorporates features expected of much larger vaporizers, such as being effectively dual-use, an intuitive loading system, and comfortable airflow. If you’re considering an investment in a new vape, the Source Orb will more than satisfy.

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