Smoking Accessories

Our online headshop stocks all kinds of awesome smoking accessories. We carry Debowlers, Smokebuddy, bong cleaner, grinders, rolling papers, hemplights, pipe cases, and so much more! 

Of the products that we carry within this collection, grinders are among the most popular. Furthermore, one of the most popular grinder brands is Santa Cruz Shredder. As you peruse through the Smoking Accessories, you will find 6 different kinds of Santa Cruz Shredder grinders. They vary in size and color, to accommodate your smoking needs. If you are somebody who has a lot of dry herbs, you should look to the Large 4 Piece Herb Grinder. It is equipped with a pollen catcher, herb chamber, and magnetic top. However, if you aren't always utilizing a large amount of dry herbs, then you will want to look at the small or medium sizes. Take the Medium 4 Piece Herb Grinder for example, it has all the necessary chambers while maintaining a more compact size. If that doesn't work for you, you can choose a grinder with less chambers. The most straightforward and efficient Santa Cruz Shredder is the Small 2 Piece Grinder. This product only has the magnetic top and bottom, containing the teeth within. It is by far the most portable.

The containers within this collection are also quite popular and useful. The Medtainer stands out among all the containers within this collection. Not only does it possess an airtight and smell-proof seal, but it even has a grinder incorporated into its design. When you open the container, you can pull out the inner compartment to reveal the grinding chamber. Apart from the Medtainer, other container options include: Evak Mini Airtight Stash Jar and the 8oz Gravitron Stash Jar. These containers are less portable and meant for a more stationary storage area.

As you take a look at the Smoking Accessories collection, you'll find some really nifty items, some you may have never seen before!

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