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Recycler of Solitude

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18mm male
  • Urban Glass recycler
  • bent neck
  • clear glass
  • colored glass
  • dewar's joint
  • heady glass
  • 45° joint
  • male joint
  • 18mm joint
  • showerhead perc

Urban Glass Recycler of Solitude

Urban Glass Bongs are some of the most prestigious and and top-notch water pipes for sale on our site. This specific piece is classified as heady glass. It has worked glass crystals on the base and above the main chamber. That is why Urban Glass named it the Recycler Bong of Solitude. Even the showerhead perc is fashioned into a crystal-shape. You will be surprised by the plethora of worked glass art featured on this piece!The reason this heady glass bong is classified as a recycler bong has to do with the separation tube and recycling chamber. Under the bent neck, there is a tapered recycling chamber that looks somewhat like a funnel. This is where the recyling magic happens. As you inhale from the circular mouthpiece, some water is captured by the separation tube attached to the side of the main chamber. This separation tube acts as a conduit that guides the water into the recycling chamber. From the recycling chamber, this water is directed back into the main chamber. This entire point of recycling rigs and bongs is to efficiently reuse the water for diffusion. Without this recyling system, the water would be kept above the perc and prevented from achieving maximum filtration.Adding to its absolutely fantastic appearance, the Urban Glass Recycler of Solitude has yellow and purple colored glass from top to bottom. Every single worked glass crystal has a deep purple color and, what appears to be, mineral fragments embedded within. Each crystal is iridescent, while the yellow glass has more of a tint. There is yellow glass featured on the main chamber, separation tube, and mouthpiece.Every aspect of this heady glass water pipe is unified as one art piece. Urban Glass bongs are always of the utmost quality, and the Recycler of Solitude couldn't be a better example of that.

bent neck
Bent neck designs offer aesthetic and functional qualities. Aesthetically, bent necks give a unique look to your glass water pipe. Functionally, bent necks act as a splashguard, keeping all of the water inside the pipe and outside of your mouth. They also extend the mouthpiece away from the heat source horizontally, providing a more holding position.
clear glass
This piece features sleek and clean clear glass that allows you to watch this concentrate rig or water pipe function. Clear glass allows you to watch the bubbles stack as your smoke/vapor percolates
colored glass
This piece features beautiful colored glass accents that give it a unique and aesthetically appealing appearance. Colored glass is one of the many features that can make this piece stand out in your glass collection
dewar's joint
A dewar’s joint is the small glass tube that connects the joint to the chamber. Its purpose is to reinforce the strength of the joint and to create additional support for the glass pipe
heady glass
Heady glass means that this dab rig or water pipe is a limited edition collector’s item. It features an intricate and unique design that mixes exquisite form with ultimate function. These pieces are truly functioning art
45° joint
This item features a joint at a diagonal 45º angle. Use with other 45º pipes and accessories.
male joint
This item features a male joint. It will fit all male jointed pipes and accessories of the same size.
18mm joint
This item features an 18mm joint size. It will fit other 18mm pipes/accessories of the opposite gender.
showerhead perc
Showerhead percolators have a thin vertical tube that widens into a round chamber. They have slits or holes for increased filtration and diffusion. Their name comes from their resemblance to a showerhead