• pokeball themed silicone dab container
  • silicone dab jar that looks like a pokeball
  • pokemon concentrate container sitting next to DankStop lighter
This Thing Rips!
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Smokج© Ball Silicone Jar

★★★★ 4 customer reviews
$ 599 + Free Shipping

  • This Thing Rips! dab tool
  • Poke Ball Dab Container by This Thing Rips!
  • Red and White Color
  • Securely Closes: Snap-On Threading
  • Silicone Material
  • Spherical Shape

This Thing Rips! Smokج© Ball Silicone Jar

Modeled after the classic Poke Ball, this Pokemon themed dab container combines a cool aesthetic with practical utility. This silicone storage container is used for storing concentrates, and its spherical shape makes it easier to gather what's stored inside! Pop open the red top to reveal the inner cavity. In this cavity, the white colored bottom of the storage jar holds the concentrate. To close the jar back up, the red top snaps onto the bottom half for a tight seal. Brought to you by This Thing Rips!, the Smokج© Ball Dab Jar is an amazingly themed storage container. Don't miss out on this nifty accessory!