• Front View of Deadpool Herb Jar
  • Front View of Batman Herb Container
  • Front View of Joker Themed Herbal Jar
  • Front View of Superhero Medical Herb Saver
  • Front View of Ninja Turtles Smoking Container
  • Front View of Cartoon Themed Medical Container
  • Front View Of Ninja Turtle Herb Saver
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  • Front View of TMNT Herbal Container
  • Front View of Ninja Turtle  Themed Container
The Medtainer
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Superhero Medtainers

★★★★★ 3 customer reviews
$ 1699 + Free Shipping

Color: White
4 inches
  • The Medtainer container
  • Air-Tight
  • Built in Grinder
  • Medtainer Container
  • Pop-Culture Themed
  • Smell Proof
  • Water Proof

The Medtainer Superhero Medtainers

Nobody wants to leave their herb or tobacco unguarded, and you'll never have to with these superhero themed containers. Each herb jar features images of the most popular heroes and villains in pop culture on the lid and chamber. Aside from aesthetics, these medtainers are air-tight, water-proof, smell-proof medical grade containers. Each medtainer also comes with a built in grinder. Feel free to use your medtainer for pharmaceuticals as well! If you want a multipurpose item that also looks badass, you found it! Look at the list below to pick your theme: Red - The Spider White - D-Pool Purple - The Toker Blue - The Bat Light Red - TMNT Raph Light Purple - TMNT Donnie Light Blue - TMNT Leo Orange - TMNT Mikey Black - TMNT Shred Green - TMNT Pizza