• tan colored storage bag with  handle, made from hemp
  • storage container for smoking supplies, medium size, black color
  • storage bag with multiple pockets for smoking supplies
  • storage bag with lockable zipper sitting next to dankstop lighter
  • 3 clear glass storage jars for herbs
Stash Logix
Stash Logix Brand Logo

Medium "EcoStash"

$ 6900 + Free Shipping

Choose Color: Tan
  • Stash Logix container
  • 4 Padded Velcro Dividers for Adjustable Space
  • Available in 2 Colors: Tan or Black
  • Black Color Made of Nylon
  • Exterior Carry Handle
  • Includes 3 Clear Silicone Jars w/ Sharpie for Labeling
  • Includes OdorPax for Scent Removal
  • Interior Mesh Pockets: 1 Zipper, 1 Elastic Lined
  • Light Green Interior Walls
  • Lockable Main Zipper
  • Medium Sized Stash Bag
  • Numeric Combination Mechanism: 3 Digits
  • Official Stash Logix Logo Stitched on Exterior
  • Stash Logix "EcoStash"
  • Tan Color Made of Hemp Material

Stash Logix Medium "EcoStash"

Classified as the medium sized container in their line of stash bags, the "EcoStash" by Stash Logix efficiently organizes all of your smoking accessories. Taking a look at its exterior, it boats a stylish and mobile-friendly look with its carry handle and lock mechanism. To lock the storage case, close the zipper and use the button on the lock mechanism to slide the shackle through both pull tabs. Enter your 3 digit numeric combination and push the button again to unlock the zipper. Depending on your preference, you can choose between a tan or black exterior color. The tan color is made of hemp, for a more organic look. The black color is more incognito, made of nylon material. Both colors come with an official Stash Logix logo stitched on the bottom right corner of the opening flap. Open your EcoStash accessory case to reveal a mesh pocket, closed by a zipper, on the interior of the opening flap. Under it, there is a smaller mesh pocket lined with elastic. To customize the spacial organization of the bag, there are 4 detachable velcro dividers within the inner cavity. This stash bag caters to even the most methodical of smokers. It even includes 3 glass jars to store your herbs, and a Sharpie marker for labeling them. Enclosed in one of the jars, you will find an OdorPax. This odor removal packet is another Stash Logix product, included as a bonus within the EcoStash. You can replace the OdorPax to sustain optimal absorption of odor within your lockable case. Tailored for the utmost organization and mobility, store all your favorite smoking supplies within the "EcoStash" by Stash Logix!