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Doob Tube
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Small Doob Tube

Product SKU: DT-S
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  • Doob Tube container
  • 4" Length
  • Holds Pre-Rolled Herbs
  • Made of Polycarbonite Plastic
  • Moisture Resistant
  • Pocket Sized
  • Small Doob Tube
  • Smell Proof and Air Tight

Doob Tube Small Doob Tube

The small sized Doob Tube provides a discreet way to carry around your pre-rolled herbs. With its 4" x 0.75" dimensions and long cylindrical shape, this storage container fits in your pocket with ease. Ray C, the owner of Doob Tubes, created this product after becoming tired of cigarettes coming unrolled in his pocket, as well as the horrid smell they emitted when half-burnt. Therefore, Doob Tubes are completely smell proof and air tight. They are even water resistant to keep your herbs dry at all times. Just slip on the black colored top to safely conceal the contents stored within it. Made of polycarbonite plastic, this storage tube is built to last.¾»غڈ÷‌Colors are chosen at random.