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Slim Vaporizer

Product SKU: SKC139
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$ 2495
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6.5 inches
  • Kandypens concentrate vaporizer
  • Auto-Draw Technology
  • USB Charger
  • Refillable Tank
  • Stylus
  • direct draw vaporizer
  • analog vaporizer
  • portable vaporizer
  • vape pen
  • fixed temperature

Product Overview

Kandypens Slim Vaporizer

KandyPens offers an unprecedented lifetime warranty on the K-Vape Slim Vaporizer battery. KandyPens guarantees that they will replace the battery for any defects relating to technical dysfunction. This guarantee is rare in the world of vape pens, and speaks to both the structural integrity of the device as well as the KandyPens family of products. For those who enjoy the least complicated vape pens possible, the Slim Vaporizer is the right choice. With the Slim Vaporizer, you don't even have to worry about adjusting the temperature. With auto-draw technology, all you need to do is inhale from the mouthpiece of the pen. Just like that, you are vaping concentrates. The bottom portion of this pen acts as the battery. So, you need to screw this battery into the included tank for the pen to be complete. This tank is conveniently refillable, so you can continue to reuse it as needed. You can even use the bottom of the pen as a stylus! These days, everybody has their phone right next to them. If you so happen to be vaping, why not take advantage of the equipped stylus? It's an opportunistic feature that's worth taking advantage of.هت Another important feature of this pen is its size. As its name suggests, this is a slim vaporizer. from a distance, it look like an actual pen or stylus. So, it is actually quite discreet when you using it in public. For those who appreciate vaping with discretion, this vape pen can provide you with that. Furthermore, you can purchase this vape pen in two colors. For those who want the most discretion possible, we recommend you purchase the pen in black. However, there is also a white color for those who enjoy a brighter, more vibrant product. All in all, this a well rounded product.

Accessories That Fit This concentrate vaporizer

Features of This concentrate vaporizer

direct draw vaporizer
A specific type of vaporizer that has a mouthpiece for direct inhalation of vapor. These vapes allow vapor to flow straight from the device to the user.
analog vaporizer
This vaporizer has an analog interface for a user-friendly vaping experience. Most analog vaporizers contain either a dial or a button to initiate and control vaporization.
portable vaporizer
A vaporizer designed to be carried around. These vaporizers are lighter and smaller than desktop vaporizers
vape pen
Otherwise known as a vaporizer pen, these slim portable vaporizers look similar to a cigarette. Most vape pens are for concentrates only, but some are compatible with dry herbs and tobacco
fixed temperature
The temperature of this vaporizer is fixed to a temperature that is optimal for vaporization of the intended materials

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