• pagoda tower herb grinder
  • red herb grinder, pagoda tower design
  • four piece herb grinder, pagoda tower style
  • four piece red herb grinder
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Sharper Grind
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Herb Grinder w/ "Pagoda Tower" Design

Product SKU: DS-PTM4PC-R
$ 1899 + Free Shipping

  • Sharper Grind grinder
  • 4 Piece Herb Grinder by Sharper Grind
  • Built-In Mesh Screen
  • Made of Aerospace Grade Aluminum
  • Magnetic Top
  • Pagoda Tower Design
  • Pollen Catcher w/ Pollen Scraper
  • Red Color
  • Thread Lock Mechanism
  • Trapezoidal Shaped Teeth

Sharper Grind Herb Grinder w/ "Pagoda Tower" Design

Odds are that you've never seen a grinder with this amazing design: the "Pagoda Tower." Reminiscent of traditional Japanese and Chinese architecture, the Pagoda Tower Grinder is connected with four pieces. Each piece has a tapered shape, narrower on one end to produce the overall tiered visual effect. These pieces are connected to each other with a thread lock mechanism, so they screw onto one another. The only piece without this thread lock mechanism is the top, which is magnetically secured. As for the bottom piece of the grinder, it acts as a pollen catcher for anything that gets sifted through the mesh screen. Use the pollen scraper, included with the grinder, to help gather your accumulated pollen. Using its modified trapezoidal teeth, the Pagoda Tower Grinder powerfully grinds your herbs. A well-designed herb grinder made from aerospace grade aluminum, the Pagoda Tower Grinder comes in a classy red color.