• Scrubber Duckys 2.0 - Magnetic Sponge Kit
  • Scrubber Duckys 2.0 - Magnetic Sponge Kit
  • Scrubber Duckys 2.0 - Magnetic Sponge Kit
Scrubber Duckys
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Scrubber Duckys 2.0 - Magnetic Sponge Kit

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  • Scrubber Duckys cleaner
  • 3 Dual-Sided Magnetic Scrubbers
  • Double Strength Magnets
  • Includes 5 Decorative Stickers
  • Kit For Cleaning Glass Bongs
  • Magnetic Handle: Rubber Coated
  • Scrubbers Shaped like Ducks: Water Resistant Surface
  • Super Scrubber Duckys 2.0

Scrubber Duckys Scrubber Duckys 2.0 - Magnetic Sponge Kit

With these Super Scrubber Duckys 2.0, cleaning your bong will never be as difficult! Featuring 3 magnetic scrubbers and a magnetic handle, you can clean those hard-to-reach places you never thought you could. They are also really fun to use, considering their theme. All 3 scrubbers are shaped like ducks; even the rubber handle is branded with the Scrubber Ducky's logo.Apart from the quality design, Super Scrubber Ducky's are highly innovative in function. The magnetic scrubbers work in conjunction with the magnetic handle to thoroughly clean your glass water pipe. Place one of the scrubbers into the interior of the bong, via the mouthpiece. To maintain contact between the glass surface and scrubber, place the magnetic handle on the outside of the glass. The handle will attract the scrubber to itself, keeping the scrubber in constant contact with the glass. This mechanism ensures that any remnants or resin is optimally cleaned, especially considering the 2x strength of the magnets. The rubber coated handle is the only thing you have to hold on to. When you move this handle, the scrubber will move along with it and scrub off the residue from the walls of your piece. If you want to flip the scrubber over, simply flip over the handle; the scrubber will flip over as well. Since you can use both surfaces of all 3 scrubbers, this allows you to optimize the use of each Scrubber Ducky and extends their lifespan. Further prolonging their lifespan, these scrubbers are washable! So, you can clean off the buildup on each Scrubber Ducky. There are also 5 beach themed stickers included with these Super Scrubber Ducky's: a cap, snorkel, sunglasses, towel, and flippers.