• green colored herb grinder, made out of aluminum, branded with Phoenician Engineering
  • black herb grinder branded with bird logo on top, official Phoenician Engineering logo
  • Phoenician Engineering herb grinder, blue color, made from aluminum
  • pink colored metal herb grinder with four pieces
  • metal herb grinder with red color, four pieces, and Phoenician decal
  • large grinder, 4 pieces, rasta colored, made out of aluminum, branded by phoenician engineering
  • silver colored aluminum herb grinder by Phoenician Engineering, with logo decal of Phoenix on top
  • medical grade herb grinder, made with yellow colored aluminum material, branded by Phoenician Engineering
  • large sized aluminum herb grinder with rasta colors
  • phoenician engineering four pieces of herb grinder laid out, made from rasta colored aluminum material
  • four pieces of aluminum grinder clustered together, with pollen pick
  • dankstop lighter standing next to phoenician engineering herb grinder with rasta colors
Phoenician Engineering
Phoenician Engineering Brand Logo

Large 4 Piece Grinder

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  • Phoenician Engineering grinder
  • 4 Pieces
  • Aerospace Grade Aluminum Construction
  • Available in 8 Colors
  • Full-Faced Decal
  • Lobe-Grip Design
  • Made in the USA
  • Phoenician Engineering Grinder
  • Pollen Pick
  • Strong Magnetic Top

Phoenician Engineering Large 4 Piece Grinder

This 4 Piece Phoenician Grinder is American made. It features a lobe-grip design on its outer layer and has a durable magnetic top. Furthermore, the top consists of a full-faced Phoenician decal. Within the body of the grinder, there are modified teeth that shred your dry herbs to a medical grade quality. The reason that this product achieves its high quality status is because it's made with strong aerospace grade aluminum. Adding to the durability of this grinder, the screen of the herb chamber is mounted to its structure. The structural underlay of the herb chamber prevents punctures from occurring on the screen. As for the pollen chamber, it catches any left over herb material within the bottom level. Along with the pollen chamber comes a pollen pick that facilitates cleaning and removal of any remaining herb content. Available in the Color of Your Choice: Green, Black, Blue, Pink, Red, Rasta, Silver, and Yellow