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Silicone Spoon Pipe

Product SKU: NU-SSP-R
★★★★ 7 customer reviews
$ 1999 + Free Shipping

Color: Red
  • Nucleus spoon
  • Silicone Body
  • Clear Glass Bowl
  • Choice of Color
  • Length: 4"
  • Includes Metal Poker
  • Nucleus Decal on Neck
  • Storage Compartment on Bottom
  • Side Carb Hole

Nucleus Silicone Spoon Pipe

Have you ever heard of a spoon pipe made of silicone? Have you ever dreamed of it? Well, that dream has come true with the Silicone Spoon Pipe by Nucleus. These ingenious spoon pipes are full of amazing features. First and foremost, this spoon pipe is much more durable than any glass pipe out there. You never have to worry about dropping it. Plus, the bowl of the pipe is made of durable borosilicate glass. Protruding slightly above the silicone lip, the bowl is actually removable which makes cleaning a breeze. This way, the flame never touches the silicone. Take caution with the flame and silicone, making sure you don't expose the silicone directly to the flame. Aside from the inlaid glass bowl, there is also a built-in storage area on the underside of the dry herb bowl. The storage area is sealed with a top, which secures your dry herbs. Just use the tab to pry it open and access what is inside. Lastly, there is a metal tool stored on the underside of the shaft. You can use this tool to help unclog the bowl, as well as remove remnants of your herbs. The Silicone Spoon Pipe comes in many different colors. A Nucleus logo is on the neck of the pipe. A carb hole is located on the side of the glass bowl. This nifty creation is crucial to any spoon pipe as it allows you to control the airflow when inhaling. The Silicone Spoon Pipe has everything needed for a fully functional hand pipe while being super easy to transport.