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"Wallis" Water Pipe

Product SKU: BV-WAL
$ 26999 + Free Shipping

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My Bud Vase "Wallis" Water Pipe

The "Wallis" Water Pipe is handcrafted from a tri-color vintage vase. As with all water pipes created by My Bud Vase, Wallis comes with decorative faux flowers. These faux flowers can be placed within the mouthpiece, camouflaging the pipe as a regular flower vase. In terms of the itsهتcapability as a bong, Wallis is equipped with a fixed downstem percolator. This case bong also stands stably on its base, thanks to the thick ceramic construction. Plus, it has a large chamber that can hold a ton of water; this is good for filtration and prevention of tipping. If you want a bong with personality, look no further than Wallis. He will brighten up any room of your house!