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"Suki" Water Pipe

Product SKU: BV-SUKI
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11 inches
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My Bud Vase "Suki" Water Pipe

As with all My Bud Vase water pipes, Suki is a bong handcrafted from a vase. The overall shape of the vase looks like an inverted spinning top. It is more narrow near the mouthpiece and tapers outward by the base. This vase bong includes fake flowers that help to disguise the water pipe as an innocent piece of home decor. When you aren't using Suki as a water pipe, you can use it as a decoration. Just place the flowers into the mouthpiece, remove the dry herb bowl, and put Suki on a shelf! Regarding the performance of Suki as a water pipe, it uses a fixed downstem for filtration. It also has a large and voluminous main chamber, which can hold a lot of water. The more water, the better the filtration and the sturdier Suki will stand on its base.