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"Spring" Water Pipe

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rubber grommet female
9 inches
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My Bud Vase "Spring" Water Pipe

As the bong's name suggests, the "Spring" Water Pipe is a wonderful reminder of Spring any time of the year. The body of the water pipe is oblong shaped, and has a gradient of color along the length of the bong. On the bottom of the bong, there is green colored glass. As you travel up the height of the "Spring" Water Pipe, the color changes from green to blue. You could liken the texture and appearance of the bong to sea glass. There are also ridges along going up and down the height of the bong. Lastly, you can use the "Spring" Water Pipe as a fixture of home decor. Instead of hiding away your bong, "Spring" allows you to disguise it and put it on display. Just insert the included faux flowers, remove the bowl for dry herbs, and you're all set. The "Spring" Water Pipe makes for a beautiful addition to any home.