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"Rosa" Water Pipe

Product SKU: BV-ROSA
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rubber grommet female
9 inches
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My Bud Vase "Rosa" Water Pipe

If you're looking for a bong of the most elegance, you will be well-served by the "Rosa" Water Pipe. Handcrafted from a vintage flower vase, the glass is etched with star-like designs. The main chamber of the bong is large, and can hold a sizable amount of water for filtration. Furthermore, the water pipe includes faux flowers for when the pipe is not being used. In fact, these faux flowers will disguise the bong. Just take out the bow for dry herbs, insert the faux flowers, and you can use Rosa as a decorative flower vase. Nobody will know the true capability of Rosa when she is in disguise. Better yet, you'll never have to hide her away. Rather, she can be hidden right in plain sight.