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MIVA Vaporizer

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5.5 inches
  • Kandypens dry herb vaporizer
  • Temperature Controlled Battery
  • For Use with Dry Herbs
  • Large Heating Chamber
  • Cleaning Brush
  • Packing Tool
  • USB Charger
  • Mouthpiece Attachment
  • direct draw vaporizer
  • analog vaporizer
  • portable vaporizer
  • vape pen
  • adjustable temperature

Kandypens MIVA Vaporizer

Adding to their line of high performance dry herb vaporizers, KandyPens has recently developed the MIVA portable vaporizer. This هتhighly discreet portable vape is capable of complete control over the temperature to ensure dependable vapor production with each use. There are over 80 temperature settings that you can alternate between, so you can choose exactly what temperature at which you would like to vape. In combination with the built-in memory data function, which auto selects the last temperature used, the guessing game is over. Equipped with a deep chamber constructed of high quality ceramic, the MIVA is a true convection vaporizer that evenly distributes heat to prevent combustion. Not only is the vape's functionality of top notch quality, but its appearance is also something to be appreciated. Though this is not a vape pen, it is certainly a portable vaporizer. The shape of the vaporizer is rectangular, and fits in the palm of your hand with ease. The front of the vaporizer possesses a digital LED display. This LED display allows you to see the temperature at which you are currently vaping. Below the LED display are two arrows, which allow you to adjust the temperature. Above the LED display is the power button. The icing on the cake has to be the included accessories. One of these accessories is the cleaning brush. This cleaning brush has strong bristles on the end, which enable it to remove even the stickiest residue. Also included with this dry herb vaporizer is a packing tool, which facilitates the process of loading up the heating chamber. There is also a mouthpiece attachment you can use, depending on the airflow you prefer while vaping. This attachment limits the airflow as you vape, allowing more density to the vapor you inhale. On the other hand, you can use the vape without the attachment. This will allow you to vape more efficiently, since the increased airflow will cause the herbs to heat up more slowly.

direct draw vaporizer
A specific type of vaporizer that has a mouthpiece for direct inhalation of vapor. These vapes allow vapor to flow straight from the device to the user
analog vaporizer
This vaporizer has an analog interface for a user-friendly vaping experience. Most analog vaporizers contain either a dial or a button to initiate and control vaporization
portable vaporizer
A vaporizer designed to be carried around. These vaporizers are lighter and smaller than desktop vaporizers
vape pen
Otherwise known as a vaporizer pen, these slim portable vaporizers look similar to a cigarette. Most vape pens are for concentrates only, but some are compatible with dry herbs and tobacco
adjustable temperature
The temperature of this vape can be adjusted to tailor the user’s vaping session to their specific preference