• 45 Degree View of Flower Themed Heady Bong
  • Front View of Teal Colored Water Pipe
  • Side View of Glass Accent Heady Pipe
  • Back View of Grog Glass Bong
  • Side View of Dichro Glass Bong with Purple Glass Bowl and Dankstop Lighter
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Double Flower Serendipity Bong

$ 1,25000 + Free Shipping

  • Grog Glass bong

Grog Glass Double Flower Serendipity Bong

Serendipity is finding something wonderful when you're not searching for it. Likewise, you have now stumbled upon the bong of your dreams! The glassblowing wizards at Grog Glass have crafted a pipe that provides a pleasant visual to a pleasant smoke session. It features Grog Glass' signature floral accents, including a dreamy pink glass vine with yellow leaves, two flowers with marbles in the middle, and a purple glass 90 degree joint with yet another flower. The body of the water pipe has swirling blue dichro glass mixed with white and clear glass wig wag designs. This is all combined with the comfort of four maria rings along the bong's bent neck and a flared mouthpiece. You've found the heady pipe you've always wanted. This bong - like most dreams - was Made In America.