• 45 Degree View of Teal Colored Glass Bong
  • Front View of Dichroic Glass Bong
  • Side View of Flower Themed Water Pipe
  • Back View of Grog Glass Bong
  • Side View of Glass Milli Bong wth Dichro Glass Bowl and Dankstop Lighter
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Blue Heady Glass Flower Bong

$ 1,50000 + Free Shipping

  • Grog Glass bong

Grog Glass Blue Heady Glass Flower Bong

Grog Glass continues its floral theme with this heady glass water pipe. This pipe features Grog's signature glass vines and flowers on its bell-shaped chamber and 14mm female joint. Distinguishing this bong from their previous floral entries is the inclusion of flower-emblemed millis and dichroic design into their usual glass accents. Along the neck and joint are maria rings to help with gripping the bong during use. The included bowl matches the rest of the bong with a red dichroic swirl design. This pipe, like all of Grog Glass' water pipes, was Made In America.