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Umbrella Perc to Domed Circle Perc Oil Rig

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14mm male
  • Grav Labs dab rig
  • 3" Base
  • Branded Glass
  • Domed Circle Perc
  • Dual Perc Design
  • Grav Labs Dab Rig
  • Made in USA
  • Reinforced Joints
  • Scientific Clear Glass
  • SPG Collab
  • Umbrella/Cage Perc
  • angle cut dome
  • bent neck
  • clear glass
  • 90° joint
  • male joint
  • 14mm joint
  • flared mouthpiece
  • barrel perc
  • ufo perc
  • scientific glass

Grav Labs Umbrella Perc to Domed Circle Perc Oil Rig

This dab rig is both aesthetically pleasing and highly functional. A subtle and simple upgrade on the original SPG (Stephen Pearce Glass) collab, this vapor rig is also part of the Grav Labs Summer Collection. Grav and SPG created this concentrate rig to provide perfect diffusion and optimal flavor preservation thanks to the combination of the umbrella and circ percolators. The umbrella perc is molded to the bottom of the 44mm can and features 6 D-Cuts. Over the bottom chamber sits the secondary chamber, which contains a 10 slit domed circle perc. This rig also features a 12mm flared mouthpiece, 10mm thick base, and a bent neck mouth piece to prevent water from splashing up into your mouth. Included with the dab rig is a domeless quartz nail. This bubbler is designed in Austin, Texas by Grav Labs using high grade scientific glass. Grav Labs decals vary.

angle cut dome
An angle-cut dome is a specific type of dome that features an angled design rather than the standard circular dome. This type of dome is handblown in a way that gives it an angled top for a distinct appearance
bent neck
Bent neck designs offer aesthetic and functional qualities. Aesthetically, bent necks give a unique look to your glass water pipe. Functionally, bent necks act as a splashguard, keeping all of the water inside the pipe and outside of your mouth. They also extend the mouthpiece away from the heat source horizontally, providing a more holding position.
clear glass
This piece features sleek and clean clear glass that allows you to watch this concentrate rig or water pipe function. Clear glass allows you to watch the bubbles stack as your smoke/vapor percolates
90° joint
This item features a joint at a diagonal 90º angle. Use with other 90º pipes and accessories.
male joint
This item features a male joint. It will fit all male jointed pipes and accessories of the same size.
14mm joint
This item features a 14mm joint size. It will fit 14mm pipes/accessories of the opposite gender.
flared mouthpiece
Flared mouthpieces have elevated glass around the mouthpiece which make it conform perfectly to your mouth for superior comfort and an airtight seal while smoking
barrel perc
Barrel percolators are a specific type of perc that has a barrel shape with slits to filter your smoke consistently
ufo perc
UFO percs feature a rounded top with a glass circle base. They have a series of slits around the circumference of the glass circle. Smoke passes through these slits to create serious diffusion and filtration
scientific glass
Scientific glass means this pipe is made from a clear borosilicate glass. It features a “laboratory” design, and usually an overall shape that resembles scientific equipment (glass beaker chambers, straight tubes, etc.)